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Ok this is mostly getting put up for the rest of the wildlife and media students on the wildlife and media course at Cumbia University, but since I am sorting out my links I thought I would stick them all here as well.
So what follows is mostly a dump of my links from my bookmarks, most I have glanced and skim read over so I know what is in there, but some (especailly the editing based ones) I know I have not tried everything.

And duff links or suggested links to add please do contact me (leave a comment).

First some links that I think are very key and if you visit no others visit these ones:

Juza – Nature Photographer Not only a fantastic photographer, but he also has a series of tutorials on shooting and editing photos as well as a good series of reviews of equipment as well. Most certainly worth a look

Juza forum – international Possibly the best link in the whole list here, this forum (from the website above) is the international website and has a host of outstanding photographers in all fields of nature photography, from macro, birds, widlife to landscape. Not only an inspiring place, but also a place to post examples of your own work and get some really great feedback as well as talk with some very experienced shooters.

RonBigelow articles One of the editing (mostly there is some capture info in there as well) links that I have actually read some of and a good place to get a grouding in the editing world.

Strobist lighting 101 If you look around the net you will see this blog posted and talked about a lot – its pretty much the place to get to grips with the world of flash photography. Whilst its aimed more a portrait and people based work there is no reason that the lessons learnt cannot be used in a wildlife context either outside in the field or perhaps working in a studio with animals.

Cambridge in Colour A website I should read more from and another solid source of info on photographic methods both in the camera and in the computer

Photographers to see!

Just a few from my flickr watches at the moment, I will add some more in as I find them in my links. But just a few of the people who inspire me:

Megan Lorenz’s Going to start of with Megan Lorenz who produces some outstanding photography with animals.

Lord V The first of many odd internet names (actually you got the first up there with Juza). A fantastic macro photographer and one to really watch.

His blog Along with Lord V this is another of the Macro Celebraties (if you can call flickr fame that). Another great macro shooter and his blog is full of advice and ideas for macro work – also a bonus is some video work appearing there now as well.

John Hallmen (also Morfa) This guy does some great macro work, but unlike many of the others today who work with the MPE65mm macro, he works with a wide variety of older macro lenses and microscop optics. Great for getting some alternative ideas.

Guides, tutorials and general info

Note these are just some of the things I have found or had shown to me online – there are many more such resources and websites out there, so if something is not clear or you want more detail do try out Google and see if it can give you more.

Inside Lightroom – clarity Specifically the article on the clarity tool (its great!) but a good place for some lightroom info as well

Depth of field Calculator A good website which will let you calculate the depth of field distance in your shots based on the focal length of your lens, the camera your using (sensor size), aperture and distance to the subject as well as giving you the hyperfocal point.

Video on Curves editing A neat little video which gives insight into starting to use using curves when editing.

Earth Bound LightA good website with a wealth of articles on nature based photography

RAW processing advice Not been through this all, but most certainly worth reading if your going to work in RAW editing.

Sharpening method 1

Sharpening method 2 Two different site with details on different sharpening methods one can use. There is loads out there on different ways to sharpen an these are just two of the methods. Sadly quite a few of the more advanced do require the more full features of photoshop to execute (elements can do some but not all).

The Rule of Thirds And article on the rule of thirds, a commonly used and refrenced method used to aid composition in imaging (note its not a rule its a guidline 😉 )

The Digital Photography School I seem to have a few of these links in my list so here is the main website link for the group. Certainly a good resource for answering common questions and working with specific examples (eg how to capture motion or fireworks)

Colour Management If you really want to get into managing your computer screen and printer colours here is a good place to start.

Nature Photography on the Road A series of nature photography based article

Retouching Eyes

Photography Composition One of those links that I really should read oneday, but a large list of articles on composition.

10 Uses for the Depth of Field Preview Button Finding a use for that so often overlooked and forgotten button on the camera (sadly I still can’t find a use for that direct print button though…)

Flash photography info Not read this one (its got maths in it) but more flash photography info

Supernova lighting Another website dealing with lighting setups

Canon Flash Primer Yep another flash website – this time with a focus specifically on the canon flash system.

Reading PhotographsShort and simple website, but gives some ideas as to what to look for in images.

Macro Specific details

Math for Macro Photographers A good resource for if you start to play with extension tubes and diopters for working out the magnification in your images (and also thus the scale of them).

Cross-Polarization Flash Macro Photography Something that I want to play with when I can get the chance – for helping to control those highlight problems which result from using flash in macro work

Increasing Depth of Field through Focus Combining Focus stacking – great fun this when you get an agreeable insect to work with and a really fantastic tool to have when doing macro work

A second focus stacking article

Laser based macro photography In the quest to capture inflight insects some people will stop at nothing! Great resource and idea for setting up a laser based detection system.

DIY Dark Field Macro Illumination Something for those interested in working with really tiny subjects and lighting.

MotleyPixel’s method for editing maros Look round the site overall, he is a very good macro shooter and worth taking note of. Here he gives some great insight into how he specifically edits his work.


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