Egham Wanderings

Well trapped (ok not quite trapped but still) in Uni and miles from the hills of Yorkshire and the mountains of Scotland and Wales I was forced to seek out the woodlands of Egham. First problem was the quarrentien which blocked off the floodplains to walkers. This meant that I was stuck in the woodland above – but that was not a problem, for I was testing out the sigma lens to its full length: and I was pleased with my results:

Taken With:
Cannon EOS 400D
Cannon 18-55mm lens
Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG Macro lens
For settings save pic to pc and review properties


And after. Now I would go back to this image and crop it to focus on the birds – but earlier shots of mine were left mostly unaltered – mostly though I will admit that the basic auto edit functions were used on most as a standard.

Now whilst up in my vantage point I decided to try my small kit lens and get a panorama shot – stuck together with photoshop elements 6


And a later one done with the same method, but this time on a fallen tree inside the woods

I also experimented with targeting the ever present and still trees withing the woodland — I played alittle with the settings as well – getting different effects
This one I played with a bit to try and remove the influence of hte branch that was in my way when I took the pic – its still visable, but the tree came out well


And as for these last two – well I am stumped:



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