Egham Wanderings 3

Well after the washout that was trip 2, I returned yet again to the woods. A little better this time with both the light being good; the rain being gone and a section of the floodplains being opened up to the public again! With this new area it was time to move in and set up a little closer to the water. As I was setting up though a heron decided to fly in and land – in one of those typical situations where no matter how quick you get your camera and kit out the bird has landed and the shot passed before you are ready.
He also proved a tricky bird to capture due to the reflection of the sun off his white feathers – definatly a bird for evening and morning shots with less light glare!

Taken With:
Cannon EOS 400D
Cannon 18-55mm lens
Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG Macro lens
For settings save pic to pc and review properties

birdy zoom

Well only decent shots I managed to get of him – had to play more with the lighting settings on this one to get rid of the glare and show up the wing detail more. A shame about the tree!

From the heron to a coot dashing across the water. I like this one for the feeling of motion that it has – though upon reflection the wake half could be cut a little shorter.

However my little coot was not content just to swim – a bath was needed!



Well in retrospect I should have cut way more of the top off these images – though at a small size they don’t look too bad. Again this is one of those pics where I just could not get the camera lens close enough to capture the real detail present (shots like this make me dream of high quality lenses and extenders!). But this is something that I was happy to capture. I also think that the sun overhead is doing me no favours – glaring down!

Something simple – left afer another coot took a dive – simple and nice.

tiny birdy
Taken hand held and close – I was walking from A to B and he appeared – so I shot!!!
not bad, but came out with a lot of noise – so I was prompted to start learning about the filters to remove it.

well I got stumped again – took this using the tripod – on reflection it was not as good as the shots I took previously – next time its on the ground for me!

quick shot through the trees at the lowering sun – nothing really striking about this one

another quick one – and one that I might go back to and play with; clearly too much red and a shame that the crows (though black splodges) did not come out looking a little better


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