Home Birds – the pheasants 2

Right back to the caged birdies again, and again time was against me, preventing me from sitting out in the cages for the more flighty birds. Getting the lighting right was also tricky, as some pens would not let be get the light behind.

All taken with:
Cannon EOS 400D
Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG Macro lens
For settings save pic to pc and review properties

Within the pens

I increased the darkness of shadows in this one to counter the glare off his white feathers

Great one of the female, but such a shame her tail is missing – they were just a little too close to my camera to get all of the bird into the shot at the time.

Well this one was taken in a pen, but the angle of the pen meant that I could not move round and get the bird with the light fully behind me and thus shining on him.
OUSIDE the pens

A crop of a larger shot, this focusing on his head. This has to be my most favoured picture to date – wonderful colouring on the bird and great sharpness to him. Taken through the bars – but such that the bars have no effect on the shot — wonderful!

The full bird – wonderful colours all over this one.

The full bird, but infortunatly to get him all in the bars had to appear as well!

This is a shot that I have played around with quite a bit and I will put up a separate blog for this one – as it deserves a little bit more space (and writing time!)

Lessons learnt
1) White birds really are a pain to shoot (don’t read that in the wrong context!!!)
2) Sometimes the best shots appear when you least expect them to


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