Home Birds – the pheasants

Well like the waterfowl, I was on a timer here, only a really short amount of time, so I could not get into the cages as I wished – to capture them in film without bars. So it was a few quick shots through the bars with my camera – again using a tripod.
All taken with:
Cannon EOS 400D
Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG Macro lens
For settings save pic to pc and review properties

well less than perfect, but nice lighting and if I can get some closer – none barred shots — this is a wonderful bird.



Well this chap is so tame and trusting that he came right up to the bars, jumped on his little house and stared back = probably hoping for food. This let me get these close shots looking up at him and this one:

Even with the bars in the view I really like this close up detailed shot of his head – just managed to get him all in, beak and all 🙂

Call them “common” if you will, but there is no calling them ugly! Just missed his eye – which is a shame – but got the colours nicely – the sun being in a better position for these shots.

Lessons learnt:
1) Some pheasants might just get too close to the camera when in the pens – take a lens hood!!
2) Bars are nasty to try and shoot round


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