Silky Flowers

Well this time around I was aiming for some silky flowers and not just those with pseudo dew or rain drops. However I did not get as long to shoot as I would have liked and so had to return with far fewer shots – I did get my silky flower though!

All shots taken with:
Cannon ESO 400D
Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG Macro lens
Tripod 055XPROB + 322RC2

For settings save to computer and review properties.

f16, ISO 100, 1/60sec
This was just the effect I was aiming for – a nice soft shot. The toilet paper in front of the flash has done well in smoothing out the light from it and removing its harsh glare.

f16, ISO 200, 1/200sec
Well I had to see it with rain on it! Shame that I had to up the ISO for this shot as there was a little wind picking up now (the reason that I stopped shooting in the end). It also shows up the flash a little more in the water drops – possibly showing that I need a thicker pad of tissue.

f16, ISO 200, 1/15sec
Barring the few bits along the bottom which I should crop out I think this came out technically as I wanted it to do. However to me its lacking something – either a background following the angle of the flower or a little more flower following the lead of the head.

f16, ISO 100, 1/50sec
I like the background effect I got in this, but I think the photo needs cropping to try and bring it together – the left hand side feels a little too much. Personally I would have liked to have reshot and moved more to the right of the main flower to try and get it in that gap that can be seen on the left.

Lessons leant

1) Take some strong sticks, string and a knife and tie up the roses to really hold them still when shooting

2) Thicker padding on the custom diffuser is better than thinner padding (least you can recover a darker shot more easily than a blown out one)


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