Misty Waters

Well whilst up in Yorkshire along with all the rain (that thankfully held off) there are also a great collection of waterfalls, fast flowing rivers and rapids and such – great for some slow water shots. I have only tried this once before and had good success then, so I decided to give it a second try. I generally stuck to manual exposures, but did not use bulb mode much if at all – simply as I did not have a remote with me and holding down on the shutter with your hand can add shake.

All shots taken with:
Cannon ESO 400D
Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS
Tripod 055XPROB + 322RC2

For exif data save and review properties of the thumbnail version only – exif not attached to larger versions of shots.

Malham Cove

f20, ISO 100, 1/4sec, no flash, manual mode.
First grabshot taken handheld so a little more blurry than I would have liked – also grass I found is a bad thing to have in the frame as if there is any wind it ends up blurring due to the longer exposure.

f32, ISO 100, 0.4sec, no flash, manual mode.
Tripod used this time – though on reflection I am shooting rather fine for best sharpness – it’s just that these first three shots were taken in rather too bright light – an hour or so later and light was getting about right for these such shots.

f32, ISO 100, 1.6sec, no flash, manual mode.
A zoomed shot that I think as worked well – this was as low as I could take the camera in the time I had (walking with family is a pain at times as they keep going on leaving you to have to catch up which makes you shoot rather quicker than you would ideally. I also boosted the contrast on this shot in curves to make it a little more arty – I thought it worked well.

Aysgath Falls

A great place for this sort of photography, a real shame we arrived very late in the dark which whilst allowing for long exposures, it was a pain to focus on. I had to manually focus in the dark (as my af assist beam was not working) and on reflection I should have chosen a smaller aperture and gone for longer exposure as well as increased ISO – f2.8 was just too fine even though I wanted light in due to the hour. The light, however, made for some very interesting results.

f2.6, ISO 100, 1.6sec, flash fired, manual mode.

f2.8, ISO 100, 2.5sec, flash fired, manual mode.

f2.8, ISO 100, 1sec, flash fired, manual mode.

f2.8, ISO 100, 0.4sec, flash fired, manual mode
I think this is my favourite shot from the day.

f2.8, ISO 100, 10sec, flash fired, manual mode.
Believe it or not with the overhang this corner was almost totally black – so I am very glad with the result I got – almost looks like it was taken in the daylight!
Overall I was pleased with the result and would love a chance to go back and try again with this sort of photography. There is a lot of scope for experimentation and I have yet to get a shot taken in good soft evening light.

Lessons Learnt

1) Use a wider aperture (but not too wide) to get more depth of field and raise ISO and shutter speed to compensate – even in the darkest of hours

2) try to avoid anything that might move (aside from the water) in a shot such as grasses.


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