Experiences with macro 3 – The One

I remember someone saying that the “Great Masters of Photography” (by which they meant film) would be happy if they could walk away with a roll and have a single fantastic keeper out of the lot. Now that was not to say that they only got one good shot, but that they got one outstanding shot – and I think I just got one of mine in a shoot – though I have yet to boost to getting a decent number of keepers – still far too many are dumped, partly as I am still experimenting a lot. However I have adopted a new set of common macro settings based on those used by a few other macro shooters in forums I frequent, so its starting to get some stability into my results. Also I have started to use my 1.4* teleconverter – so I am getting a smaller boost to focal length, magnification and a lesser loss (in fact hardly any loss at all) of image quality and focusing is not as dire as it was with the 2* teleconverter.

All shots taken with:
Canon 400D
Sigma 150mm macro
Sigma 1.4* teleconverter
speedlite 580M2+Limiquest softbox

To view exif data review properties of the thumbnails – exif not always attached to larger versions

Face of the Butterfly

f13, ISO 200, 1/160sec

Call me strange if you will, but I love that face! I tend to favour lowkey shots like the above over highkey (white background) so the above is a great shot for me – especially as I had to get this whilst he was sitting on the side of a post in broken rubble – which made for tricky standing. I was really luck to get this close to the butterfly – being able to get within full magnification range. I have now got a new obsession – beating this shot since I feel its one of my best now – and getting this close to other butterflies!


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